Fall Semester begins September 5, 2019 and ends December 20, 2019.
There will be NO CLASSES from November 21-29 for Thanksgiving Break.

Registration Packet


Newborn – 18 Months   (Thursday @ 9:00 am or Friday @ 11:00 am)

$240.00/Student  PLUS $20 Regisration Fee


18 Months – 3 Year Old  (Thursday @ 10:00 am or Friday @ 9:00am) 

$235.00/Student PLUS $20 Registration Fee


3 Year Old – 5 Year Old   (Thursday @ 11:00 am or Friday @ 10:00am)

$245.00/Student  PLUS $20 Registration Fee


5Year Old – 7 Year Old   (Thursday @ 4:00 pm)

$275.00/Student  PLUS $20 Registration Fee


**You can pay a one-time $35 registration fee for the 2019-2020 year.


Our Teacher

Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright is our Kindermusik teacher. She is the mom to 3 precious children and her husband is on the staff at FBCP in full-time ministry. She has been licensed to teach Kindermusik for several years, teaching in Frisco, Texas.  With much music to learn from such a masterful teacher, one with a big heart of love for nurturing children with a solid music foundation. You’ll want to register NOW before the classes are filled!