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July 10-14 – Cost $35
1 Peter 4:10

First Baptist Pelham is excited to offer to our community an exciting RAISE Creative Arts Camp for children who’ve completed grades 1-5. Under the leadership and creative brainpower of Jennifer Neugent Thomason and our First Baptist Pelham Worship Ministry, this event promises to be an incredible experience for all who participate. Not only will students be in involved in preparing and presenting a Made to Worship, showcase of talents, they will also have the opportunity to experience different types of creative arts tracks. 

Creative Arts Tracks:

  • Woodworking – For students who have completed grades 4 & 5 – Limited to 12 participants
    • “Each student will spend the week creating personalized works of art using professional woodworking tools. Supervised by a team of highly trained adults, each student will build, stain, & create one of a kind project’s.”
  • Arts & Crafts – For All Grades, Limited to 15 participants (Full)
    • “Each student will spend the week creating personalized works of art using multiple techniques and supplies. These will truly be keepsakes.”
  • Stomp & Dance –For All Grades, Limited to 20 participants (Full)
    • “Get ready to move & groove, as you show your creativity! This fun and high- energy track will give each student an opportunity learn a routine using creative rhythm and dance techniques. No previous experience is needed”
  • Puppets–For All Grades – Limited to 8 participants
    • “Who doesn’t love a puppet? Students will have the opportunity to show off their fun and silly side, as they help to make puppets come to life for a fun & creative song. The puppet routine always steals the show and is a fan favorite!”
  • Culinary Arts – For All Grades, Limited to 14 participants (Full)
    • “Do you love to cook, bake and grill? If so, then this track is for you. Each student will spend the week learning the basics techniques required to cook, bake, grill and serve. At the end of the week, they will showoff and serve some of their amazing treats.”
  • Bucket Drum – For All Grades – Limited to 10 participants
    • Who doesn’t love to bang on something??  This exciting and high energy track will give each student the opportunity to learn drumming patterns and rhythms, as they creatively learn a routine using a bucket. This track is for all ages and is guaranteed to be a huge hit!”
  • Human Video – For All Grades, Limited to 14 participants (Full)
    • “This track will give each participant the ability to powerfully tell a story through movement and artistry. Using music, they will creatively tell a story through their body language, gestures, and movement.
  • Beginning Guitar – For Students who have completed grades 4 & 5 – Limited to 6 participants
    • Are you interested in learning how to play an instrument? This creative arts track is for participants who want to try their hand at guitar. You will learn the basics of strumming patterns, chords, and more. You’ll also learn how to play a popular worship song, which you will showcase as a group at the end of the week! We will provide the guitar for each student and no experience is necessary!



  • 8:45- 9:00 a.m.  –Drop off in the Gathering Area (Worship Center)
  • 9:00 a.m. – Large Group Morning Worship (Worship Center)
  • 9:45 a.m. – Worship Tracks 
  • 10:45 a.m. – SNACK (QUAD Room)
  • 11:00 a.m. – Large group Choir & Drama rehearsal (Choir Room)
  • 12:15 p.m. – Dismiss
  • Friday – July 14 
    • 6:15 – End of Camp Performance – First Baptist Pelham Worship Center
    •  7:00 – Cookout and Block Party to follow