Kindergarten and Mother’s Day Out

                                                                                                           Our Mission

We have an outstanding faculty in all programs associated with First Baptist Pelham Kindergarten and Mother’s Day Out. Each teacher is committed to giving your child the best possible preschool experience.
All faculty members are committed Christians, dedicated to teaching, based on love. Each strives to be a Christian example, knowing that children reflect faith, love, joy, courtesy and enthusiasm. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where your child will excel spiritually, mentally, physical, emotionally, and socially. The staff of First Baptist Pelham Kindergarten is here to serve you in any way possible in and out of the classroom.

                                                                                     Mother’s Day Out (6 weeks – 2 Year olds)

The purpose of our Mother’s Day Out is to provide a safe and loving environment for your children. We believe that all children are truly a gift from God. Our program is centered on making your child feel loved and cared for. We strive to help each child to follow simple directions and develop social skills appropriate for their age. We have music time, story time, and craft time each day. The children will be introduced to colors, shapes and letters as part of their craft time. We have an age appropriate playground and a large activity room when the weather does not allow outdoor play.

                                                                                            Kindergarten (K-3 through K-5)

We offer age-appropriate curriculum for K-3 through K-5. The children are introduced to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. through weekly units (teacher-created) that include pre-reading and pre-math skills as well as teaching age-appropriate social skills. We have a large playground where the children can develop their large motor and fitness skills.
All children participate in a weekly music class where they are introduced to different instruments, songs and sounds. The children participate in three programs each year – Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas, and Graduation, where they can showcase what they have learned.

Our hours are 9:00 – 1:00 each day. Early drop off is available daily at 8:00 for an extra charge. Each child should bring a lunch. Please contact the Kindergarten office at 205-663-7455 for more detailed information.



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